Chateau Beausaint


How can I check availability?

In order to check availability, please follow these steps at our booking page:

  • Select the desired period and the number of persons;

  • Select the desired date of arrival;

  • Next, you will see a list of available booking options on the right side;

Dates in green are available arrival dates for the selected stay period. Dates without any green underlining are occupied or cannot be booked during this period.

  • Click "view" to see more details about this booking;

  • Click "Book now" to confirm your booking;

  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

Do you need help, or would you like to book a different period? Send an email to or call Sally. She will be happy to assist you!

Why can't I book the selected period?

When there is no availability, when there are no available prices or when you are shown the message "sooner" or "later", it means that the period can no longer be booked. This could have one of the following causes:

  • This period is already booked to capacity;

  • Someone else is viewing or booking this period;

  • You have selected an invalid period for which no prices are available.

How can I book multiple rooms?

The website allows you to book only one room per reservation. If you would like to book more rooms, you will have to create a reservation per room. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

Would you like to rent the entire castle? Please contact Sally via telephone.

What can I do in the area of La Roche?

Those planning to explore the surrounding area can count on the assistance of hostess Sally. Those who are interested in more than just walking, resting or relaxing at the wellness area, could for instance explore the hilly area using an electric bicycle.

In that sense, Château Beausaint has become a popular destination for team building sessions during the week as well.

Why can I only book for children 12 years of age or older?

Our Boutique B&B is an adults-only accommodation. It is the ideal location for couples, friends or families to unwind completely. That's why we only welcome children from their twelfth birthday onward at our B&B.

In order to allow our guests to relax completely, we do not allow pets at our Boutique B&B.

Where is La Roche-en-Ardenne and how can you reach it?

La Roche-en-Ardenne is a small town in the Haute Ardenne, as well as the capital of the Marche district, in the province of Luxembourg. Like a vanguard, it keeps watch over the upper river of the Ourthe, flowing wild through the valley, at the foot of the schist rocks, pine woods, prairies and terraces.

You can reach La Roche-en-Ardenne via public transport as well, via bus at station SNCB in Marloie and Melreux.

* Train via Liège: Liège-Jemelle, with a stop at Melreux and continuing by bus number 13 to La Roche.

* Train via Brussels: Brussels-Arlon/Luxembourg, with a stop in Marloie and continuing by bus number 15 to La Roche.

* For the accurate hourly schedules, please call 084/36.77.36 (Tourist Information Service).

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