Chateau Beausaint

The castle

Chateau Beausaint is a unique boutique B&B at a stone's throw from La Roche. We would love to tell you what makes our castle near the pearl of the Ardennes so unique.

An important site in the history of La Roche

The castle played an important role in the history of La Roche. The first stone was laid in 1870, when Emile de Halleux and Louise Ryelandt constructed it as a second home. The noble family occupied the castle until the start of the 21st century.

Still, the majestic building was not always used as a country home or a B&B. For instance, it served as headquarters for the German army in La Roche during the Second World War, and the American army moved in for a while during the battle of the Ardennes as well. Even Beausaint's temporary school has used this breathtaking building in its time.

A revival by East Flemish entrepeneurs

Some years ago, the castle ended up in the hands of two East Flemish entrepeneurs. As producers of ready-mixed concrete and suppliers of building materials and tiles, they were ideally situated to breathe new life into the castle.

They got to work in cooperation with interior designer Geo Flamant, who completed the picture. Earth tones and ground notes gave color to the unity of the manor and its landscape. A set of antlers became a chandelier, flower arrangements were cut from brushwood.

An authentic atmosphere combined with everyday comfort

The castle was transformed into a boutique B&B offering 10 rooms and a coach house. Each and every one of them is a regal room, furnished with a king-size bed and a wide-screen television, air conditioning and Wi-Fi – of course Wi-Fi. One family room offers three extra beds for youths, and we also offer two rooms with a mezzanine with room for one extra person to sleep.

Authenticity is key at the castle. The dining room will make you feel like you are in a 19th century manor with a fireplace, chandelier and high ceilings. The lounge invites you to enjoy some wonderful relaxation with a good book or a parlor game. It goes without saying that simply lounging around is permitted as well.

The renovation took every comfort imaginable into account as well: ranging from home automation to automatic lighting and charging poles for electric vehicles. And the kitchen of Chef Alain is not only a delight for the taste buds, but for the eye as well.